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A free program to regain/recover chk-files with windows os

(c) 2009 - today by Sascha Presnac

About this program

After the last crash of my hard-disk i was able to recover about 5,900 files with 'chkdsk', but this files all ends with .chk and were placed in a directory called 'found.000'. Now, i figured out that these files are still my files i lost, but windows do not know the extension '.chk'.
So, i wrote this small tool, with was able to recover about 80% of my files. Especially, i am happy that i made it to recover all our family-photos completely.

And: Yes, i consulted some search engines befor i started typing, but there were only 4 tools i found and none of them was able to regain more than only some few file - and for that, they all spend more time than my deCHK *g*


I am NOT responsible for ANY damage of your computer, your files, your anything...
Feedback would be fine.


1. Download the program, unzip, start
1a. (only english): Click on top right english flag!
2. Choose directory, where your CHK-files are
3. Choode direcory, where to put the identified files
4. Choose, wether you want to copy or move the files
5. Click on GO


15.04.2012 - bufixed a critical bug!
29.01.2012 - 2 new filetypes: .nc and .ipw from Uniplot
30.10.2011 - dechk is now based 100% on Lazarus and for that, it remains free - sorry, the ZIP is now more file sized, dechk still fits on an usb-device; 4 new file types supported: MS Office 2007/2010 (docx, xlsx, pptx), mp4
31.05.2009 - Multilanguage, German und Englisch
29.03.2009 - 5 new file types: 7z, odt, ods, odg, odp (OpenOffice format)
18.03.2009 - First Release


deCHK can identfiy these 50 file types:
3gp 7z ace avi bdsproj bmp cab chm class clp db dcu dfm (dll*) doc docx dsk dsm eps (exe*) fpx gif htm ipw java jpg mid mp3 mp4 nc ocx odt pas pdf png ppt pptx psd psp rar rtf tif ttf wav wri wpg xls xlsx zip
* dll and exe will be recovered as exe; if you cannot start the file, it is a dll (yet, i didn´t find a unique difernce key, so feedback would be fine).


15.04.2012 - deCHK Version 2.1 as ZIP - 779 kB
29.01.2012 - deCHK Version 2.0.1 as ZIP - 778 kB
30.10.2011 - deCHK Version 2 as ZIP - 778 kB
31.05.2009 - deCHK Version 0.9.2 as ZIP - 308 kB
29.03.2009 - deCHK Version 0.9.1 as ZIP - 308 kB
18.03.2009 - deCHK Version 0.9 as ZIP - 308 kB


Feedback of any kind, please send to sascha (@) presnac (dot) de


... are welcome, see info-window within dechk or donate directly via